_MG_4988 copyMy name is Diana Samoila, I’m a Graphic Designer with over 10 years of experience.
I have a major in Design, Advertising and Multimedia. I work and live in Timisoara.

I am a passionate person dedicated to my work and very interested about my professional evolution. I am ready to learn new things every day.

In 2012 I aquired a Canon 60D, exploring photography more often.  I am trying to become a better photographer with every project I take.
I am passionate about my town, new places I discover, the nature and my personal culinary art.  I find inspiration in many places and things, whetter it’s travelling, cooking, everything that surrounds me.
I love to travel , I’m socialy active and  I like to believe I have a fairly giant sense of humor.

This blog will be about travelling, enjoying nature and having great experiences. I try to find affordable routes, and even though I have a list of places I would like to visit, I am open to any opportunities that show up along the way. So I say “carpe diem” and asking questions later 🙂

Equipment : a Canon60D.
I hope you will enjoy my work.


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