Holiday day dreaming

It’s been a while since my last post on this blog. I haven’t abandoned it completly, but…life got in the way, so to speak. Now, I’ve had a few free hours, and I was in a weird mood for writting and re-living some fine memories from last summer. So here it is, my first post after a billion years of absence, will be about…one of my favourite activity…travelling.

The trip from last summer holiday, included a spontaneus 5 day voyage in one of the greatest parts of Romania, the central part, in Transilvania. It was not the classic holiday, we had no plan made, we were only running from the intense and insane heat in Timisoara. We started in Belis, a mountain lake, here we stayed at a cozy bed&breakfast called Pension Ana, where we enjoyed great food and a comfortable room.

Afterwards we continued thru Cluj, at Turda to the Salt Mine, one of the most spectacular sites I’ve visited. Inside, one can lose up to 2-3 hours, playing ping-pong, paddling in a boat over the tiny salt lake formed there, or just staring at the shapes and patterns around the walls. Of course one million pictures were taken there.

Next we went nearby, at Aries Valley, another spectacular place, where we spent 2 relaxing days, at the pension The Trascau Pearl. Everything here was homemade, 100%bio as they say today, but for me was like reliving my childhood, good food, excelent views, what more can you want.

And our final part of the trip took us down, in the Fagaras Mountains. Here we arrived at Balea Lake, after making a short stop in Alba Iulia, where we visited the Old Town Citadel, took a little history lesson and got back on the “horse” because we had to reach Balea lake in the same day. Awesome views and the spectacular Transfagarasanu Road kept us going until the late night when we arrived at our accomodation.

As always I documented this trip with a looot of pictures. Here are a few of them…

Belis Lake
_MG_3151 _MG_3113 _MG_3123

Turda Salt Mine
_MG_3241 _MG_3216_MG_3226

Aries Valley
_MG_3352 _MG_3302

Alba Iulia Citadel
_MG_3372 _MG_3357

Balea Lake & Transfagarasan
_MG_3395 _MG_3382

Bruckenthal Palace short short stop
_MG_3417 _MG_3409


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