Hidden places

Soo this project follows my curiosity for abbandoned places around Timisoara. As a once rich ethnic area, Timis County was populated with various cultures, from germans, hungarians and serbians. Nowadays a few remains are evidence of their existence here. Most of them are Churches or Mansions, that are in an advanced state of degradation, i’m glad to find them before it all turns to dust. Some are very spectacular still, I don’t quite understand why nobody cares to restore them, it’s still great architecture, and also a piece of history.

For the beginning I went to Bobda, 20km from Timisoara, where lies a Catholic Church, that was at first a Mousoleum for a Hungarian Baron, who died in 1911. After his death his entire estate was demolished and sold brick by brick. The Church-Mousoleum was starting to decay after the 2-nd WW, when the mayor itself started the profanation of this place. He got 2 years in jail for that. But still the construction remained abbandoned .

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