My Cd Card

My Cd Card is a project I’ve started working on almost one year ago.

It is a collaboration between me and a German Typography.

Their ideea is to create Cd-Cards, a combination between a CD containing products from the clients ( such as: Photos, Music, Movies, Audiobooks etc.) and a Card filled with sugestiuve graphics that depicts the content of the CD. 

It is a custom made product, different from client to client.

The topics for those cards are as follows: Happy Birthday Cards, Holliday Cards, Christmas Cards , Travel Cards, Wedding Cards, Music Cards( and many more), or it can be used as a promotion mean, for Travelling agencies, Museums, Cultural societies.

It can easily be carried, passed on or mailed like a regular postcard. it is simple and efficient.

I have created some of the graphics for these cards, i will place them on this post, i have photos for some, or just the layouts previews.

More info on this subject can be found on its Youtube Page.

Soon to come an online shop for these cards.

Also you can follow it on Facebook.

_MG_8648 copy


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