Web Layouts

I began about a year ago working to some web layouts, as my job at that time demanded. I used to collaborate with a IT Firm that did the programing for the websites. I am strictly working as a designer, puting the graphics together, no html or css or other programing included.

Some projects are functional some are still in progress, not from my part but i can’t provide a link for them.

It all depends on your clients, some know what they want and are able to comunicate it to you clearly, and some are very confusing 🙂 and that shows in a looong line of sketches.

This is an unfinished, weird project, done for a guy from another town. He was an intermediate between me and the client, and as expected the comunication was lousy, a combination of  indecision and “wrong turns”. I believe it was abbandoned, as i haven’t heard from him in more than a year :).

Pag-Home-modificat copy

This layout was made for my Ex employer, more accurate for The Group Izometal Magellan, some entreprises from Timisoara. They we’re mainly in the construction bussines, from roads to buildings. Working link : Izometal-Magellan

Izo Confort

Another firm from The Group was Confort, they build industrial constructions, various projects from roads to interesting industrial buildings. Link here : Confort Timisoara


More to come, but until then here are some other layouts : Behance Web Layouts


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