Food I do

In this post I will show some of my culinary creations :).
I love cooking, it helps me relax, plus my eating pleasure knows no limit.
So when i have free time I try various receipes I find on the web or some of my friends suggestions.
Also i find great satisfaction when people enjoy my food.

Stuffed Cheese Buns: found them here:


My own Ratatouille : It’s not as elaborate as the original receipe, but it was delicious. Some vegetables with cheese and sourcream, all in the oven, perfect for a light meal.


Homemade Burgers : A tradition started by my boyfriend, with a delicious roasted onion that’s soo good with meat :). Soo we started doing our own burgers, they are way better than McD. or Kfc, more healthier and you know what you eat (a part of it at least). We add cheese, mustard and some spicy tomato sauce, roasted onions and The Meat!(hashed meat, pork and beef, one egg, some spices and bread crums, mashed together and grilled)

_MG_8549 copy

My Muffin Experiment done this weekend, super easy to make. Sadly I forgot from where i got the recipe…but it is very simple, 200g Nutella+2 eggs+10 tbs flour+ 1/2 baking powder. All mixed together, and you can add fruit, or nuts or colored sprinkles, and a tasty dessert is ready.


Too Sweet Pudding, is an experiment I did this weekend, a combination between vanilla and chocolate pudding, with biscuits, bananas and colored sprinkles. Is is a bit too sweet for my taste, but still delicious. I ate until I got sick :)). I’m unstopable in front of good food.

_MG_8740 copy

Sunday Lunch : it consists in fried pork meat, with yammy salad and a fruity desert. Very simple and tasty.

_MG_8923 copy

_MG_8791 copy


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