My town

Graf 7 Graf 3 Graf 2

I live in Timisoara, a city situated in the western part of Romania, which is situated on the eastern part of Europe.

It is a town full of history, culture and intersting people, from Romania, and from Europe as well.

There are many pictures, beautiful pictures of Timisoara, all around internet, depicting it’s architecture, it’s culture and it’s life. Just give it a search on the web :).

Now my images are different. Before the Communist Era,and the wars from the beginnings of the century, Timisoara had a very strong Austro-Hungarian influence, proof of that is the architecture and the industry born in that period. It was a very thriving period for the city. Some remainings can still be found today. Also in the communist period there we’re some highly industrialized areas. Now everything is decaying. I am walking through ruins and can only imagine those moments, when those places we’re full of people, full of life.
I am only a witness to their end. It is good to remember them, to know that it can be better.

First batch of pictures is from the North Railway Station, where is a Museum for locomotives.

_MG_8087 copy
_MG_8103 copy _MG_8143 copy _MG_8141 copy _MG_8045 copy _MG_8129 copy _MG_8138 copy _MG_8050 copy


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